I love shooting homes in Southern California, the light, the air, the style.  When I walk into a home, I love to have the owner tell me all about the house, their favorite rooms, details, even memories, and I do my best to capture them all.  I love light and I love color.  I shoot with a Canon 70D and I do have a wide angle lens to get into tight spaces and practically peer around corners.



Standard Shoot:  $150  (homes under $750K) This is the groundwork that all other shoots are based on.  The first main shoot will take place during the day as sunny and as beautiful as possible.  There is no rescheduling fee if the weather is not cooperating.  The weather and sunlight is very important for vacation rentals as these photos will last you for years and are indicative of what your guests are expecting.  With homes for sale, the weather is your call.  Sometimes the speed of the photos is more important than the color of the sky.  You will get a great shot of the entrance of your home.  You will also get a beautiful shot of each room in the house.  I will also give you extra shots of the entertaining areas of your home if they open onto each other to best give your clients an idea of space and air.  You will also get two shots of the backyard/pool area to show the fun to be had.

Daytime Lifestyling/Details: $50  This is especially useful for Vacation rentals and higher end properties for sale.  Through staging and vignettes I create a mood or activities for people so they can better visualize what they will be doing with your home.

Twilight Pool: $50  I will return that evening of the earlier shoot to take shots of the home bathed is the "golden hour" light as the sun sets.  I will shoot the pool area and entertaining rooms with all the lights on highlighting the relaxing end of a day.

Twilight Lifestyle: $50  Candles, twinkle lights, martinis and wine glasses all make for great additions for letting your client know what a quiet and relaxing place this is...

Location Location Location: $25  Letting people know what a cool area you live in is also very important.  I'll grab some great shots of the local businesses, front gate and community areas.

Magazine Models: Current Market Price  I have access to a number of beautiful people that can populate your property.  A handsome couple of any gender, family or even a pool party.  You name it and I can make it happen!

Rush Fee: $50 I guarantee you your shots within 48 hours.  But if you absolutely have to have them right away, and I have the actual time to make that happen for you, then there is a small premium price to be paid.


©2012 MrTerryHastings

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